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Equip 129967 Cable Tester LAN with Remote-Unit [RJ11/ RJ12/ RJ45, shield- transmission, short test]
(Netwerk producten/ Accessoires)

Artikel nr.: 1057776

The equip® Cable Tester is a handy device that quickly diagnoses the configuration of network, modular, and USB cables. With the LED displays on both master and remote unit, you can easily read the condition of the connection. Moreover, the remote unit is designed to attach to the master, and hence you can easily carry them together without damage.

Key Features
Tests shielding, transmission, short circuit and wiring errors
Extensive diagnostic display for pin-out and pair display for RJ45,RJ11/RJ12 cables
Tests 2/4/6/8 pin patch cables
LED indicators for power and TX/RX