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Equip 650355 Modular Push-In Pop-Out TV Wall Mount [1x 32" - 65", 30kg, 180° , 100x100/ 600x400mm]
(Bevestigingssystemen/ Wandmontage)

Artikel nr.: 1057737

The equip® Push-In Pop-Out TV Wall Mount Bracket is a video wall solution quick to install, and easy to configure. Made especially for video wall applications. This is a professional mount focusing on multiple screen installations, easy and fast installation and simplified maintenance. The Push-In Pop-out feature gives easy-access to any display for quick serviceability. This is one of the major functions needed when building a video wall mounting solution or when integrating a single screen into the wall. Saving installation time and cost.

Key Features
Compatible with landscape and portrait mounting
Push-In Pop-Out for easy access and after service
Built-in Cable management
Modular mount with unlimited video display configurations
VESA standards compliant