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Levelone DSS-1000 Digital Signage Station [display and manage live video surveillance videos]
(Beveiliging/ Toebehoren)

Artikel nr.: 1057285

Digital Signage Station is a software designed to help display and manage live video surveillance videos. It can also be used to display a variety of other media forms such as picture slideshows for advertising or to add visual material to announcements.

You can leverage the hardware equipment you have already invested in your surveillance system to develop a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate ideas and information. With Digital Signage Station, you can reap the benefits of better security management and business management at the same time.

Used in conjunction with DSS-1000 to display live video feeds or other forms of media such a advertisements or announcements.

Connect to Digital Signage Station database locally or remotely for easy management.

Customized task scheduling.
Manage an unlimited number of DSS-1000 media display stations. Require license (per DSS-1000 device)

1-Task free license included.

Key Features
Display video or slide show on signage channels through the digital signage software
Supports video resolutions up to 10 megapixels
Supports 1080p HDMI local display
Live view of up to 16 channels
BNC connector for analog video output
Dual power support: 12V DC/PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
VESA standards compliant

Package Contents
Power Adapte
rPower Terminal Block
Resource CD (User Manual, QIG)
Pole Mount Kit