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Image for product 'Edimax GS-5416PLC gs-5416plc long range 16-port gigabit poe+ web smart switch with 4 rj45/sfp combo'
Image for product 'Edimax GS-5416PLC gs-5416plc long range 16-port gigabit poe+ web smart switch with 4 rj45/sfp combo' Image for product 'Edimax GS-5416PLC gs-5416plc long range 16-port gigabit poe+ web smart switch with 4 rj45/sfp combo' Image for product 'Edimax GS-5416PLC gs-5416plc long range 16-port gigabit poe+ web smart switch with 4 rj45/sfp combo' Image for product 'Edimax GS-5416PLC gs-5416plc long range 16-port gigabit poe+ web smart switch with 4 rj45/sfp combo' 

Edimax GS-5416PLC gs-5416plc long range 16-port gigabit poe+ web smart switch with 4 rj45/sfp combo
(Netwerk producten/ Switches & hubs)

Artikel nr.: 1056834

  • 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports and four RJ45/SFP combo ports.
  • IEEE 802.3af/at PoE compliant.
  • Up to 30W per port (total power budget: 330W) for powering PoE-enabled devices.
  • Auto-detection of powered devices (PD) and power consumption levels.
  • PoE powered devices (PD) alive check to enhance the reliability of the network.
  • Power backfeed protection to avoid damaging the PoE ports.
  • PoE long range mode with Ethernet cable to extend up to 200 meters.
  • Dual firmware to reduce down time for the switch.
  • Voice VLAN to enhance sound quality for IP phones.
  • DHCP snooping to protect the integrity of legitimate DHCP server and its operations.
  • Surge protection 6KV to avoid the damage of the switch and connected devices. 
  • Supports SNMP v3, Access Control List (ACL), QoS, CoS, STP, 802.1Q VLAN, IPv4/IPv6, Port Trunk, IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and Mirror.
  • 40Gbps switch capacity.
  • 8K MAC address table and jumbo frame support up to 9KB.
  • Two fans with hot-swappable fan tray and19-inch 1U rack-mount design.

​Cost Effective, Reliable, Scalable and Secure
Switch Solution for SMB Networks

To increase the distance/speed of your network server and backbone connections.

The Edimax Pro GS-5416PLC smart switch comes with web-based user interface, 16 Gigabit PoE+ ports and 4 RJ45/SFP combo ports for high-speed Gigabit and long-range copper or optical connections. With smart features in SNMP v3, PoE PD Alive Check, Dual Firmware, Voice VLAN, DHCP Snooping, QoS, CoS, STP, 802.1Q VLAN, IPv4/IPv6, Port Trunk, IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and Mirror, the smart switch provides a cost effective, reliable, scalable and secure switch solution for SMB networks. The Edimax-specific long range mode enables power and data transmission to up to 200 meters at a speed of 10Mbps, tailored for IP cameras and far away network device applications. The PoE also features auto detection and power backfeed protection to efficiently provide power and, at the same time, avoid damaging the PoE ports. The Edimax GS-5416PLC is the ideal solution to increase the distance/speed of your network server and backbone connections.


Gigabit High-Speed Connection

Complies with IEEE802.3/802.3u/802.3ab/802.3z Gigabit Ethernet Standards, the GS-5416PLC features 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed, large file transfer and 4 SFP slots for long range optical fiber Gigabit Ethernet connections.


802.3at PoE with Auto Detection & Power Backfeed Protection

The GS-5416PLC features 24 IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE+) ports which supply up to 30W of electricity per port and has a total power supply of 330W (can provide 280W for PD)to power any 802.3at or 802.3af compliant power device. With PoE detection capability, the GS-5416PLC is able to verify whether the connected device is IEEE 802.3at or 802.3af compliant. If a PoE device is not detected, only network data will be transmitted. Moreover, with the PoE power backfeed protection from the passive PoE injectors, the GS-5416PLC is able to avoid damaging the PoE ports.

PoE for Easy Installation and Better Cost Efficiency

Power over Ethernet technology enables the Ethernet cable to carry both data and power, reducing cable installation and eliminating the need for extension cords or electrical outlets on the walls and ceiling. The GS-5416PLC can effectively lower installation costs and simplify deployment effort. The GS-5416PLC can be used with different PoE products such as access points, IP cameras or VoIP devices and is an effective solution for network environments where power outlets are difficult to access.


PoE Powered Device Alive Check

Featuring PoE Powered Device (PD) alive check, the switch can be configured to monitor real-time status of connected PDs by ping action (sending alive-checking packets). If a PD fails to response, the GS-5416PLC PoE Switch will reboot the PD, which enhances the reliability of the network and reduces administrator management burden.


Long Range PoE Distance Extension, up to 200 Meters

The long range mode provides extended power and data delivery distance to up to 200 meters while general Ethernet switches have a distance restriction of 100 meters. The long range mode operates on a per-port basis at 10Mbps full-duplex operation, ideal for devices such as IP cameras, IP phones and PoE-enabled IoT devices at a remote location.    

Dual Firmware

The dual firmware feature allows switches to have two firmware in storage. You can denote one of these firmware as the active one and the other firmware as the backup. If the active firmware faces problems, you can activate the backup firmware right away to reduce down time.


Voice VLAN

Voice VLAN is a special function of GS-5416PLC switch which allows network administrator to easily prioritize IP voice traffic from IP phone through the access port of switch to enhance VoIP service.  Voice VLAN also provides QoS to VoIP, ensuring that the sound quality of an IP phone does not deteriorate when the IP voice traffic is sent unevenly.


DHCP Snooping

The network security feature of DHCP snooping enables the prevention of malicious or malformed DHCP traffic or the mitigation of security risks from rogue DHCP servers. The feature monitors DHCP messages received from untrusted devices connected to a switching device in the network and protects the integrity of legitimate DHCP server and its operations.


Smart Tools for Improved Network Efficiency and Security

The switch features smart and simple network monitoring tools that allow for improved network efficiency and security. The web-based interface management features include QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth control for better traffic control, VLAN (Virtual LAN) for enhanced network security and multicast IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3 for streaming applications. For quick and easy setup, the web-based management integrates advanced management and security functions of Access Control List (ACL), CoS, STP, IPv4/IPv6, Port Trunk, IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and Mirror.





1000Base-T SX LX SFP Modules / Transceiver

MG-1000 Series V2 1000Base-T SX LX SFP Modules

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel standard
  • Plug-and-Play & Hot Pluggable
  • Supports single-mode or multi-mode fiber depends on the SFP modules
  • Max. cable length: 550m to 30km depends on the SFP modules
  • Industrial grade SFP modules with robust design for enhanced reliability

Vendorcode GS-5416PLC
EAN code 4717964703149
Garantie 2 jaar, Carry-In Qwerty
Bruto afmetingen 495 x 283 x 71 mm
Bruto gewicht 3.285 kg
Verpakking 1/ retail box
Verpakking overdoos carton box


Standards compliance


Gigabit poe+ switch
Humidity (non-condensing)
Operating: 10 ~ 90%
Storage: 10 ~ 90%
Switching Capacity
Temperature (Storage)
-40 ~ 70?
Temperature (operating)
0 ~ 40?


Cooling type
2 x Fans with hot-swappable fan tray


Led indicators
Per Port: Link/Act
PoE: Act/Status
Per Unit: Power


Reset button


Buffer memory
1M bit


Available power budget
280 W
Ethernet LAN
10/ 100/ 1000 Mbps
Management features
SNMP management
User Interface: Web-based management
User Account: Login account configuration
Firmware Upgrade: Firmware upgrade by WEB
Syslog: Support event log, alarm log and security log
RJ-45 input port(s) quantty
SFP/SFP+ slots quantity
Switch capacity
40 Gbps
Transmission method
Store and forward


Class of service (cos)
IEEE 802.1p class of service (SPQ, WRR)
Port-based CoS
IP TOS precedence
802.1p VLAN Information based CoS
DSCP based CoS
Filtering/forwarding rates
1000Mbps port ? 1.488000pps
100Mbps port - 148.800pps
10Mbps port - 14.880 pps
Forwarding rate
35.7 Mpps
Igmp snooping
IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping
IPv6 over Ethernet (RFC 2464)
Dual-stack (RFC 4213)
ICMPv6 (RFC 4884)
Neighbor discovery (RFC 4861)
Auto configuration
Static IPv6 address and prefix length
Static IPv6 default gateway
IPv6 duplicate address detecti
Jumbo frames
9 K
MAC address tables
8 K
Port mirroring both on ingress and egress traffic
Networking protocol
EEE 802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ab 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.3z 1000BaseSX/LX
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)
IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)
Port trunking
IEEE 802.3ad LACP Trunk-Static trunk up to 8 trunk groups
Rate limiting
Spanning tree
IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
Up to 200 VLANs and 4096 VLAN IDs
802.1Q tag-based VLAN
Port-based VLAN
Voice VLAN


Long range
Enable long range mode at 10Mbps for cable distance up to 200 meters
Pin assignment
1/2(+), 3/6(-) End-Span (mode A)
Power over ethernet
Security features
Management Access
Authentication Manager
Port Security
Protected Port
Storm Control
Dynamic ARP Inspection
DHCP Snooping
IP Source Guard
Smart features
Quality of Service (QoS)


Power input
100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, internal power supply
Power output
Up to 30W per port


Dimensions (l x w x h)
441 × 197 × 45 mm
Environmental factors


Backfeed protection
Surge protection
Support 6KV surge protection on RJ45 port (port 21-24)

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