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Image for product 'Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]'
Image for product 'Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]' Image for product 'Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]' Image for product 'Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]' Image for product 'Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]' Image for product 'Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]'      

Shuttle X5060XA X506 White All-In-One [15.6" Touch, Intel® Cel. 3865U, 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 500GB, CR]
(Computers/ Barebone)

Artikel nr.: 1055915

All-in-One PC for POS, POI, Kiosk Applications
The Shuttle XPC all-in-one X5060XA is eqipped with Intel's Celeron 3865U ULV processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, but without operation system. The all-new 14 nm Kaby Lake processor architecture helps improve on power consumption and computing power. Thanks to its passive cooling, the system is virtually noiseless, maintenance-free and approved for 24/7 nonstop operation. Particularly suitable for vertical applications is the arrangement of connectors at the bottom and the IP54 compliant front panel which is dust-protected and protected from splashing of water.

Fanless and whisper-quiet
The fanless technology used in this PC means it is incredibly quiet. Doing away with these mechanical components also reduces the number of wearing parts, making the machine more durable and stable.

Low energy consumption
Thrift is a virtue. In terms of power consumption this Mini-PC sets an example. It is not just good for the environment but for your pocket, too.

Multiformat card reader
At last – no more searching for missing digital camera leads. Simply insert the memory card and you can access all stored photos and videos immediately.

Anti-theft protection
The Kensington Lock forms part of the anti-theft system. As with many other Notebooks, this Mini-PC can also be safely locked, ensuring long-term enjoyment from your Shuttle product.

Inbuilt stereo speakers
Two powerful speakers are elegantly integrated into the design and deliver astonishingly good sound quality. And when more power is needed, you can attach external speakers via audio jacks.

Suitable for Linux operating systems
This model was successfully tested with openSUSE Linux by Novell. All machine functions worked without problem immediately after installation.

Connections without all those annoying cables
Data is transferred by WLAN completely without cables. Accessing the Internet and local network resources (e.g. printers) is now child's play when within range of an access point/hotspot.

Solid base
Folded 180° vertically, the chrome anti-slip pedestal can be used as a carrying handle. A particularly clever solution from Shuttle's engineers.

Keeping in touch
The revolutionary touchscreen allows this Mini-PC to be controlled without the use of mouse or keyboard. Touching the screen with a finger or stylus takes the place of the mouse. And with a virtual keyboard, entries can be made directly on the screen.

Securely attached
The practical VESA mounting surface on the back of the device enables it to be attached to monitor arms or wall mounts. The VESA format is standardised, making it suitable for most mounts.

Integrated Webcam
The inbuilt Webcam enables problem-free video telephony and video conferencing in high-quality megapixel format.

Fan-less external power supply
A highly effective external power supply provides the Shuttle Mini-PC with its energy. And since it works without a fan, it is completely noise-free.

Communication in the fast lane
The integrated gigabit LAN chipset opens up completely new possibilities for communication with no restriction on the speed of data transfer. Say goodbye to information bottlenecks, whether in the company network or for home Internet access.

Always-on Jumper
This machine is provided with a hardware solution to keep it permanently switched on (e.g. after a power outage). If you remove the jumper documented in the manual, the PC then starts as soon as the power supply is restored.

The fastest connection to external peripheral devices available to date
The USB 3.0 connectors of this model allow for data transfer of up to 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s). This enables external devices such as USB hard disks to be connected and run at nearly the same speed as their internal siblings. USB 3.0 is downward compatible so that also devices of previous USB generations can be hooked up.

Just 2. 5 inch HDDs
An extremely compact PC housing offers less space for drives, that's why this Mini-PC uses slimline 2.5-inch hard disks. The advantage of this is that there's less noise, less heat generated and reduced power consumption. However small hard disks in a small housing does not have to mean less memory. Modern 2. 5 inch HDDs are every bit as good as their 3. 5 inch brothers.

You can rely on SSD
This is where an energy-saving 'Solid State Drive' should be used. This drive technology guarantees extremely short access times, the highest data transmission rates and considerably lower energy consumption compared to conventional hard disks. SSDs have no mechanical components at all, are therefore subject to less wear and tear and consequently benefit from a longer service life.

HDMI interface
Goodbye cable spaghetti! Modern flat-screen TVs and large-format TFT screens can be connected to this Mini-PC with just a single thin cable. Often the audio output is also transferred in brilliant quality via the HDMI cable.

Intel chipset inside
Play it safe with the reliable chipsets from the world's largest chip manufacturer. Intel chipsets have proven themselves over many years, have been presented with awards by the trade press and offer the best possible degree of compatibility.

The interface for the fastest of memory media
Internal drives to be used inside this Mini-PC can transfer data at a speed of up to 6 Gbit/s. Hard drives thus run significantly faster and brand-new media technologies such as SSDs can use their full potential. Be sure to look for SATA 6 Gbit/s.

Utilising mobile technology
An array of components from mobile devices are put to use in this Mini-PC. You can tell straight away by how quiet it is. The energy-saving technologies of the components used generate minimal heat, therefore additional fans are not required. The energy you save will soon be reflected in your electricity bills in the medium to long term.
Vendorcode X 5060 XA (WHITE)
EAN code 4046047103256
Garantie 2 jaar, carry-in
Bruto afmetingen 2 mm
Bruto gewicht 4.8 kg
Verpakking 1/ retail box
Verpakking overdoos carton box
Kleur Wit


Speaker(s) integrated


Bluetooth port
Card-reader integrated
Memory-card compatibility
USB2.0 port(s) quantity
USB3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A port(s) quantty


Display aspect-ratio
Panel LED backlight
Panel brightness
220 cd/m²
Panel resolution
1366x768 pixels
Panel size
15.6 inch
Touch-screen technology


Number of displays supported (on-board graphics)


Maximum memory size
32 GB
Memory clock-frequency supported by processor
2133 MHz
Memory form-factor
Memory module type
Memory number of slots
Memory size (Internal)
4 GB
Memory type (Internal)
Memory types supported by processor


Ethernet LAN RJ-45 port(s) quantity
Ethernet LAN data rates
10, 100, 1000 MBps


Thermal Design Power (TDP)
15 W


Memory bandwidth supported by processor (max)
34.1 GB/s
Processor cache
2 MB
Processor clock-frequency
1.8 GHz
Processor codename
Kaby Lake
Processor family
Intel® Celeron®
Processor model
3865 U
Processor number of cores
Processor number of threads




Storage capacity
500 GB
Storage device
Storage interface


PCIe configurations
1x2 + 2x1, 1x4, 2x2, 4x1


HDMI port(s) quantity
VGA (D-Sub) port(s) quantty


Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN standard
IEEE 802.11 A,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11 n

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