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Selection guides

Selection Guides help you select the right products from our extensive product range. We strive to increase the number of Selectin Guides gradually.
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Newstar brackets for monitors:

Newstar selectiegids

Shuttle system configurator:

Configure your Shuttle system and get a customized quote

Shuttle system configurator

Transcend memory:

Check out the selection guide of Transcend and find the right memory.

Transcend memory configurator

Media streamer Venz - TLBB:

Check out and compare media streamers Venz - TLBB.

Patriot memory configurator

Memomy finder Patriot:

Check out the selection guide of Patriot. Select the appropriate category and find an appropriate memory for your device.

Patriot memory configurator

IP Camera selection guide Ebode:

View the IP camera selection guide Ebode and find a suitable IP camera.