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By default, you will only be able to view productdetails without pricing or stock details.
If you would like to view our pricings and/or place an order, please login to our website to do so.

We are able to ship most products directly from stock as our product stock is updated frequently. In case our stock would be insufficient, normal re-stocking will take place within a couple of working days. In many cases, we will also post expected delivery data on our website, so you make a reliable purchase. 

We currently offer searching for products by one of these methods:

  1. Search by keyword; Please fill in one of more keyword(s) in the main search field which will return all matched products with all our product descriptions, product groups, or article numbers
  2. Search by brand; On the main-screen, you can select a brand on the bottom part, when browsing our categories, you may select multiple brands on the left-side to refine product filtering
  3. Search by category; Select a main and/or subcategory to show all relevant results. Searching by categories will enable you to refine filteringen. For instance, you may filter by specific product specifications and/or combine with brand/in stock
  4. Search by product specifications; When searching by the main categories, you will be able to refine filtering by searching for certain product specs, i.e search for hard drives larger than 2TB, or monitors larger than 17 inch.
Finally, you have the opportunity to search by our selection guides.

For your convenience, you may add products to the basket, (re-)view them, place them into your shopping basket, and place the order whenever you'd want to. Normally, the contents of your basket will be available the next time you visit our website. Please keep in mind that actual reservation of stock will only occur when the actual order has been placed. This is done by pressing the ‘place order’ button

For further sales related enquiries, please contact our sales department, see our contact information for more information.